Westledge School  
What to say after all these year, something to entice, something to revere, something to invite?
Westledge in its brief and illustrious existence was unique, to say the least.  Like no other school, no other place, no other space.  It was too short lived for those of us who had the chance to attend, if for only a year.  It has been 40 years since it opened it’s doors and welcomed the first students.  Reach out and let us know where you are, what became of your life and your days now.  
Welcome to the Westledge Virtual Reunion
this is where you will register and help create a student - faculty interactive space.  This might take time so please be patient.
If you have problems signing up, signing in or find you are blocked please
e-mail to:  westledge @ gmail.com
(remove the extra spaces before and after the “@” - this prevents spammer robots)